Founded in 1989 by Frank Puglia as Complete Business Systems, CBS rapidly rose to be the premier provider of copiers in the Eastern Arizona, Southern Navada and South East California region. When in July 1989 CBS landed its first major account the "Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino" our customers realized we were not like any other copier dealership, our commitment to service satisfaction and the personal involvement of the President of CBS, Frank Puglia, in the service dept. set an example of what exactly it is that builds customer loyalty.

The "Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino" to this day remains a loyal customer and has realized the benefits of CBS investing in a long term relationship with them.

We at CBS are proud of our customer base and would be eager to share a list of satisfied long term customers with you, to help you make your decision to become part of our family.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions we are eager to meet you. We do not use any automated telephone directories and you will always get a live customer service representative when you call us.

Phone (928)-565-COPY (2679)
Toll Free (800)-254-2799